Protecting the esker at all costs.

Since the beginning, we have made choices that keep the environment in mind. We installed a geotextile mesh to catch impurities on the few roads in the area. We installed a cement parking lot to prevent tar from leaching into the esker. Quite frankly, we have done everything possible to protect the esker, because it is a natural wonder and we want it to stay that way.

The esker is under constant analysis, continuously monitored at 17 checkpoints. In addition, the Québec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife has designated an area of 4.25 km² surrounding our source, as protected land.

The three Rs

When it comes to reducing, reusing and recycling, we’re a little obsessive. We installed energy-saving machinery in our plant and continue to add energy efficiencies wherever possible. As part of our tread lightly philosophy we recycle or reuse all materials in the plant. We know how valuable the esker is and protect the environment and we proudly hold a Level 3 Certification from Recyc-Quebec, the highest level available.

Preservation of the esker is key.

In order for the esker to continue to produce our perfect water, we must preserve it. We keep the esker under constant analysis, continuously monitoring its level of flow and mineral content at 17 different checkpoints.

How we help protect our source.

Like the native Canadians who arrived millennia ago at St-Mathieu, we were awestruck by the incredible beauty of the esker and the forest surrounding it. When it came time to design our plant, preserving the esker and the forest became our first priority. Our site occupies 1.7km² of land which we fiercely protect in every way. For even added protection, the Québec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife has designated as protected land a 4.25 km² area surrounding our source.