The purity of the taste

Nature at its best. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why intervene when nature is already doing an impeccable job producing water that tastes this pure and unaltered? The source and the esker’s natural filtration system deliver water so pristine and clear that no further processing is needed: there is simply nothing to add and nothing to take away.

Just the right mineral salt content produces an exceptional taste

Minerals dictate how water tastes. The higher the content of mineral salts, the more pronounced the taste. The natural surroundings therefore have a major impact on the taste of spring water, because the water collects mineral salts from the soil and rocks it flows through.

ESKA water is naturally low in minerals. This means that when it is harvested from the source, it contains the optimal mineral content to ensure a taste that is pure and clean. In fact, its mineral count is just 85 parts per million (ppm), which accounts for this unique taste.

Moreover, because ESKA water is never demineralized nor distilled, its taste is consistently exceptional, just as nature intended.

An unaltered taste - No treatment

Our water is never chemically treated. Rather than intervene, we leave ESKA water exactly as nature delivers it.

On a microbiological level, because the Canadian glacial rocks that make up the esker maintain a constant temperature of 5°C, they preserve the spring water’s pure and unique taste. This temperature is too low for bacteria to form. The esker works as a natural filtration system, so there is no need for us to add ozone, fluoride or chlorine to our water. We simply offer you water with a clean taste that is second to none.

We are committed to keeping all of our water bottling activities as free of human intervention as possible to ensure ESKA water remains naturally pure.