Purified by glacial rocks, clay, and patience.

When nature’s this perfect, it’s best to step out of the way.

filtration process

Our filtration system is 8,000 years old and still works like new.

The ESKA story began in a pristine forest in a remote corner of Quebec. The St. Mathieu esker, tucked away amongst 5,000 acres of protected virgin forest where nature creates the perfect underground filtration system. It’s naturally protected by a bed of clay and layers of glacial rocks. For over 15 years the water meanders through deep underground formations resulting in water that is beautifully pristine and magically filtered. Mother nature truly never disappoints.

Water pure as driven snow, because it is driven snow.

Each time it rains or snows, precipitation seeps through the forest floor and trickles down to the esker, creating more pure, pristine ESKA water. It’s a self-replenishing source that continues to operate, shielded from the elements, untouched by any human process.

15 years, and well worth the wait.

Precipitation is slowly filtered through layers of rock, sand and gravel. This natural process takes approximately 15 years to produce ESKA water that is perfectly pure right from the source. This geological filtration and storage system is a true national treasure and we do everything we can to keep it that way.

Mother nature never disappoints.

The result of this amazing natural process is water that is microbiologically pure, low in minerals and always refreshingly crisp at 5°C, far too cold for bacteria to exist.

The purity you deserve.