Our products

Quebec’s very own natural spring water.

We source our spring water in northern Quebec, where it’s naturally filtered by the glacial sediment of the Saint-Mathieu-Lac-Berry esker. That’s what gives our water its pure, crisp and refreshing taste.  

We also bottle our spring water in 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic (rPET). Because preserving and protecting the planet is at the heart of what we do.

Nature at its purest

Eska natural spring water is nature at its best. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. Discover the true nature of water in every drop, the result of an all-naturally filtration system.

We are committed to bringing you Quebec’s own naturally pure spring water in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

Our 100% recycled plastic spring water bottles are made of the highest quality recycled plastic. Because we believe we can make a difference by maximizing the resources we already have. Using 100% recycled plastic eliminates the manufacturing of new, virgin plastic and highlights the importance of creating a closed loop system of recycling and reuse.