Eco Responsibility

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Follow your true natureTM
Follow your true natureTM
Eco Responsibility
Quebec land crafted

Welcome to Eska’s (re)cycle of life.

We’re deeply committed to letting nature follow her true nature.

Our goal is to offer water bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.

And that’s just the beginning. Eska is committed to bringing you natural Canadian spring water in an eco-responsible way, while protecting the nature and land that provide this precious resource. We are constantly working to reduce waste and to use natural resources as efficiently as possible.

We’ve started the green shift by making our spring water bottles with the highest quality, 100% recycled plastic (rPET). Virtually identical to our original bottles, these new bottles are food-grade so they’re clean and safe for your health.

We’re working toward making Eska’s entire line of spring water bottles with 100% recycled plastic and will continue pushing sustainability forward. We source our recycled plastic from Quebec’s blue recycling bins. We then clean it, transform it and bring it back to life as Eska’s new rPET bottles, ensuring the reuse of materials and eliminating the need to manufacture virgin plastic. The more we can preserve, the more we allow nature to follow her true nature.

We’ve proud to partner with Plastrec, a Quebec-based manufacturer of rPET—a 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. Together, we’re supporting Canada’s circular economy by offering a product with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. Repeat.

All Eska products
are 100% recyclable.

Our bottles are made from recycled plastic (rPET), glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is a recycled material approved for bottled water by the Canadian Bottled Water Association. rPET means that the plastic has been recycled and is 100% recyclable.

Our 355 ml and 750 ml glass bottles are also 100% recyclable.

Protection. Preservation. Profound commitment.

We’re committed to protecting and preserving the esker source and its surrounding region, along with our province, country and planet.

We do everything we can to protect Eska’s natural spring and the virgin forest surrounding it in St-Mathieu-d’Harricana in northern Quebec. 

Declared a protected zone by the Quebec Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the 425 km2 area around the source is protected from all outside contaminants. That means the water collection point, the recharge zones and the vast wilderness surrounding the source are totally preserved and free from contamination, unlike rivers located in agricultural zones or close to urban centres.

Our environmental protection practices exceed government standards, reflecting our top priority of preserving the rich and natural heritage of our beautiful province. Sustainable development is simply the only acceptable way forward. Even though the spring is continually replenished by its high recharge capacity, rain and snow, we only harvest 3 to 5% of the source’s annual volume. We work with an independent team of hydrogeologists to consistently the impact of our activities and to ensure sustainability and eco-responsibility.

We leverage the latest technologies to refine our methods and better protect the esker. We work with regional authorities to minimize contamination of the soil surrounding the protected area. And we conduct regular analyses to measure the level and flow rate of the esker to safeguard it from contaminants. Because protecting nature is in our nature.