There’s about 1.4 million cubic kilometres of water on the earth. The amount has stayed the same for two billion years.


Water Smarts: How To Best Use Your Bottled Water

Keep in mind that plastic is a permeable substance, which oxygen, bacteria, etc., can pass through from the air. The thinner the plastic, the less of a barrier it creates. In fact, storing bottled water in a garage or out in the hot sun can affect the taste. Health Canada recommends refrigerating small bottles of […]

Plastic Bottles: The Latest News

Most bottled water comes in bottles with the symbol #1. This is polyethylene terephthalate (PET, PETE), which is a safe plastic, containing no BPA. We use only PETE#1 and you can check by looking on the bottom of any ESKA bottles.

Water Purification Methods: All You Need to Know

The many water purification methods. Water does a lot more than just quench your thirst. It provides you with energy, health and vitality. Here are a few different purification methods used to clean water Distillation – steam from boiling water is recondensed and bottled. But while the boiling process kills bacteria, it also removes natural […]