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From our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly solutions to healthy mocktail recipes to spotlights of those following their true nature, you can always dive deep into expertise, perspective, and celebrate the Follow Your True Nature Spirit right here on our blog. Join the conversation. Leave comments. Ask questions. And share your experience with #recycleoflife or #followyourtruenature on all our social platforms.

The follow your true nature series

is a celebration of those following their true nature, becoming their best selves, and positively influencing our world.

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Following your true nature: discovering self-love with Anne-Marie Ménard

You might know Anne-Marie Ménard from her popular Instagram page Au lit avec Anne-Marie, or her podcast Entre Elle et Lui.  Anne-Marie has a Bachelor’s degree in Sexology, is an entrepreneur, and is passionate about education. Her mission is to normalize discussions around sexual well-being in an inclusive and positive way.  Holding on to your […]

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Naturally refreshing: 10 infused water recipes for a hydration remix

Looking for a special sip to brighten your day without the boatload of sugar, artificial colours, and additives usually found in juices and soft drinks? Infused water to the rescue! It’s simple: add fresh or frozen fruit to natural spring water and let them work their magic. The longer you let the flavours mix together, […]

  • Follow your true nature

Natural cycles: turning to nature for lessons on growth and renewal

When you’re working towards personal growth, introspection is usually the first stop along the way. But sometimes, looking outward – particularly towards nature – can unlock new perspectives about ourselves. Nature, in all of its diversity and complexity, is a treasure trove of lessons about renewal and growth. This piece will invite you to explore […]

  • Follow your true nature

Following your true nature: diving in with eyes wide open, featuring Gabrielle Lacasse

Gabrielle Lacasse is one of those people who forges their own path. She’s not someone who plunges recklessly into the unknown, but rather considers her goals and chooses the best course of action before diving in. Knowing how to reinvent yourself The year is 2010. Instagram has just launched and it’s the golden age of […]

  • Follow your true nature

Rediscover the joy of winter with these 7 activities

Are you someone who dreads the cold-weather months? The best way to learn to love winter is having fun in the great outdoors. These winter activities will transform your relationship with chilly weather and snow – so get curious and get going! Ice climbing for beginners Ice climbing might sound intimidating, but it’s an incredible […]

  • Follow your true nature

Following your true nature: riding the momentum with Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento

If you’re into the Quebec food scene, you’ve probably heard of Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento, who made a name for himself on TV competition shows like Les chefs! and Top Chef Canada, among others. This month, our team caught up with this rising star to learn more about his career path. View this post on Instagram A […]

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Festive sparkling cocktails for the holidays

Still not sure what to serve your guests as the holiday season draws nearer? Wow the crowd with three easy and delicious cocktails that spotlight classic seasonal flavours. You’ll be a mixologist in no time! Gingerbread espresso martini This cocktail will get you into the festive spirit with a single sip! Instructions For the infused […]

  • Follow your true nature

5 ways to bring the outside in this winter

A morning stroll through the forest, a peaceful wakeup beside a sparkling lake, a relaxing day at the spa. All of these experiences have something in common: they conjure up a profound sense of calm and well-being. They give us permission to put our feet up. Why’s that? It’s all about the soothing effect of […]