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From our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly solutions to healthy mocktail recipes to spotlights of those following their true nature, you can always dive deep into expertise, perspective, and celebrate the Follow Your True Nature Spirit right here on our blog. Join the conversation. Leave comments. Ask questions. And share your experience with #recycleoflife or #followyourtruenature on all our social platforms.

The follow your true nature series

is a celebration of those following their true nature, becoming their best selves, and positively influencing our world.

  • Follow your true nature

Following your true nature: when living the dream becomes toxic, with Sophie Montminy

Sophie Montminy is one of Quebec’s digital pioneers. She was the one to launch fashion magazine Clin d’œil’s web and social media presence. She also lived through the rise of influencer marketing, signing her fair share of brand collaborations and racking up subscribers. Until it all became too much. What do you do when your […]

  • Mocktails

Homemade sports drink: 100% natural and delicious

Making your own sports drink at home is easy on the wallet, convenient, and better for your health. Plus, you probably already have everything you need to stir up a refreshing rehydrating drink! What are electrolytes? Sports drinks and rehydration solutions are often advertised as having electrolytes. But what role do electrolytes play when it […]

  • Follow your true nature

Following your true nature: Being a man, according to Maxence Garneau

Maxence Garneau’s star is rising in the Montreal television scene. It’s a small world that gives him a proverbial stage to fulfill his destiny: being fabulous. Maxence – who you may know from the Céline-Dion-inspired looks he created during the pandemic – hasn’t always belonged to such an inclusive community though. How do you define […]

  • Follow your true nature

Your guide to the perfect picnic: 6 must-try spots

Nothing says “summer” like a picnic among friends. Sunshine, warm weather, good times, and a great meal, surrounded by the perfect backdrop. What more could you ask for? Here are some pro tips for planning a picnic around Quebec City, Montreal, and Ottawa The key: a well-appointed basket There’s an art to building the perfect […]

  • Follow your true nature

Following your true nature: holding space with Kiara Blanchette

Kiara Blanchette is a force of nature. That’s what shone through the most during our brief interaction with her. She’s a vibrant woman who’s juggling more entrepreneurial projects than you can shake a stick at – and the most fascinating part about all this? She’s carved out a niche in so many different fields. She […]

  • Follow your true nature

5 unusual sports to try out this summer in Quebec

Need creative ideas to get moving this summer? The possibilities are endless! We’re diving into 5 sports that are getting more and more popular in Quebec, so you can blow off some steam while having a great time. Pickleball This racket-based game combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It uses a court that’s similar […]

  • Follow your true nature

Following your true nature: Marc-Antoine Forand and Run for Noah

Today, Marc-Antoine lives on the side of a mountain, splitting his days between the daycare where he works as an early childhood educator and the trails where he trains for high-endurance races. So, what happened between then and now? The birth of a perfect little human. Ten days after Noah arrived, amidst the emotional whirlwind […]

  • The Recycle of Life

Everything you need to know about collecting rainwater for your garden

Imagine if you could spend the summer happily watering your garden or washing your car as often as you like without having to deal with a guilty conscience. Sounds amazing, right? Well, installing a rainwater collecting system could very well be the ideal solution! Equipping your gutters with an eco-friendly solution — like a rain […]