Following your true nature: creating the community you need with Filles du Nord

Seven years ago, Majorie and Jenève poured their passion and vision into Filles du Nord: an initiative that has transcended blogging and become a source of inspiration and empowerment for women across Quebec. These days, Filles du Nord has appointed ambassadors for each region and organizes outdoor excursions across the province.

Beginnings inspired by a love of nature

The wild and expansive landscapes of Abitibi-Témiscamingue didn’t just shape Majorie and Jenève’s identities. It inspired their project as well. “We said to ourselves, why not combine our interests in Abitibi and digital marketing?” said Majorie. As a company with deep roots in Abitibi, we admire their dedication to spreading the word about this beautiful region, but their approach goes far beyond that: it aims to highlight the unique features and treasures found all across Quebec, while democratizing access to the outdoors.

A mission in motion

What started as a platform to talk about life in Abitibi quickly transformed into a much loftier mission: promoting outdoor activities for women and making adventure accessible to everyone. Here’s how Jenève described the project’s evolution: “Girls are often less likely to develop a passion for outdoor activities if they aren’t introduced to it by someone in their inner circle. We want to show them that they don’t need a guy to gear up and seek out an adventure. We see ourselves as that ‘gal pal’ who will push you to explore and have fun outdoors.” 

This transition reflects a growing awareness surrounding inclusivity in outdoor spaces, a domain that has traditionally been dominated by male energy. Filles du Nord is paving the way by opening up a dialogue. They’re proving that outdoor expeditions don’t have to be all about performance; they can be welcoming, enriching and, above all, fun.

The identity of a Fille du Nord

According to Majorie, the definition of a Fille du Nord is rich in meaning and aspiration: “A Fille du Nord is someone who can identify with her roots and has a strong sense of belonging to her land. She’s also curious, hungry for adventure, and has a deep need for nature in her life. It’s a passion for simple things and a return to the very origins that define her.”

You don’t even need to be born in the north to be a Fille du Nord. As long as you can approach the outdoors without judgment or pressure, and as long as you enjoy continuous learning, you’ll immediately feel at home in the group.

“As soon as we meet the women who have signed up for our events, it feels like we’ve been friends forever. They have an openness about them and a desire to share. The vibe is incredible,” said Majorie. 

Towards sustainable and responsible tourism

Filles du Nord’s commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism underscores their deep-rooted environmental awareness. The desire to spotlight Quebec’s hidden beauty goes hand-in-hand with a commitment to preserving natural spaces, which is essential in the context of climate change.

“We do a lot of education with our groups about not leaving a trace, we teach them about outdoor best practices, and we answer a lot of questions out in the field. And we plan to do a lot more of that in the future,” said Jenève.

Inspiring through tangible impact

Filles du Nord’s impact has exceeded expectations, creating positive ripples throughout their community. “We’ve experienced the impact of our work not only through the thanks we receive, but also in the way that our community is embracing the outdoors,” said Majorie. This achievement speaks to the power of women’s initiatives in this space, transforming perspectives and encouraging active participation in nature.

Since Filles du Nord was founded almost 10 years ago, female voices have also risen in Quebec sports, outdoors, and lifestyle spaces.

Filles du Nord represents a modern take on adventure, where a passion for the outdoors and a commitment to one’s community and their environment come together to create a unique women’s empowerment movement. Rooted in a love for their homeland, their project has grown to celebrate every corner of Quebec, inviting us to marvel at all that it has to offer.

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