Naturally refreshing: 10 infused water recipes for a hydration remix

Looking for a special sip to brighten your day without the boatload of sugar, artificial colours, and additives usually found in juices and soft drinks? Infused water to the rescue!

It’s simple: add fresh or frozen fruit to natural spring water and let them work their magic. The longer you let the flavours mix together, the tastier your water will be.

Ready for a wave of refreshment? Here are a few flavour combinations for you to try.

Cucumber and basil

This infusion combines the freshness of cucumber with basil’s lush and lightly spiced notes. The result is a delicately flavoured water that’s refreshing, hydrating, and perfect for a post-workout sip.

Orange and ginger

This energizing combo blends sweet orange with bright and spicy ginger, creating a vibrant infusion that’s great for starting your day or getting you out of a mid-afternoon slump.

Pineapple and mint

Exotic pineapple swirled with fresh mint creates a tropical and refreshing blend. This infusion is great for an everyday escape, delivering a wave of beachy goodness with every sip.

Raspberry and lemon

This infusion combines the natural sweetness and slight acidity of raspberries with lemon’s bright and punchy zest. The result is a fruity and refreshing beverage that’s perfect for quenching persistent thirst.

Grapefruit and rosemary

Lightly bitter grapefruit meets rosemary’s notes of wood and sap. This infused water has a complex and refined taste that’s perfect to enjoy during dinner, or as a go-to sip for anyone who loves bold and sophisticated flavour.

Pear and vanilla

A soft and aromatic infusion where pear’s subtly sweet notes meet vanilla’s full-bodied flavour. This water is reminiscent of a classic dessert, perfect for creating a moment of relaxation at the end of the day.

Kiwi and cucumber

A refreshing blend that combines kiwi’s signature acidity with cucumber’s lightly sweet taste. This light infusion is a great choice for anyone who’s looking to hydrate while enjoying a unique splash of flavour.

Peach and thyme

The sweetness of ripe peach melds perfectly with thyme’s herbed and lightly lemony notes. This infused water tastes just like a summertime orchard and is perfect for a light meal.

Blueberry and lavender

A delicate infusion that marries sweet blueberries with floral and calming lavender. This water is a total treat for the senses, bringing about calm and serenity – the perfect choice for a peaceful break.

Lime and coriander

A bold and zesty duo that combines the lively acidity of lime with coriander’s fresh, slightly spicy notes. This infusion has a distinctive taste profile, delivering an explosion of flavors that will wake up your taste buds.

Infused water opens the door to boundless creativity: dare to experiment with flavours, mix and match your favorite fruits and herbs. There’s no wrong answer – just let your cravings guide you!

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