Following your true nature: Ode to the beige life with Emilie Seguin

When we sat down with Emilie Seguin, she immediately exclaimed, “Wow! You feature so many colourful people – it’s fun!”

That’s exactly what we’re aiming for with this series: to shine a light on inspiring people who show their true colours every day. With Emilie, we explored a new palette that’s just as valid and vibrant: beige.

Celebrating the ordinary

By profession, Emilie is an art director at an advertising agency. She is also a content creator, interior design lover, and mother. Beauty and creation are part of her DNA!

Emilie has belonged to artistic circles for years. It’s a world where words like ordinary, popular, and mainstream are frowned upon. This hyper-focus on originality and uniqueness can be liberating for some, but a burden for others.

According to Emilie, she finally felt like she was embracing her true nature when she accepted that her tastes just weren’t that unique.

“Deep down, I’m vanilla,” she explained with a laugh. “When I was younger, I tried really hard to be eccentric. I always wanted to be different. Designers are expected to have flamboyant personalities and creative clothing. I thought I wouldn’t be taken seriously unless my look reflected my creativity and personality.” 

“My logos, my websites, and my work are all creative. But me? I’m a boring mom in a beige hoodie and leggings. And I love that. It’s a part of me. I don’t have to prove my creativity to anyone.”

Learning to live without comparison

The social media era has given us a peek into millions of other lives, making it easier than ever to compare and categorize people according to their tastes, styles, and interests.

Does looking like other people make us less true to ourselves? People often criticize the “beige life” and its associated content creators, who adhere to a carefully curated neutral aesthetic. But is breaking the mold a prerequisite for authentic self-expression? 

Emilie takes a firm stance on the topic: her life became so much easier when she freed herself from the fear of not being enough. Of comparing herself to others. 

“I teach my children that they can take up the space they want to take. As long as they’re respectful, they don’t have to apologize for existing. We don’t have to stop expressing ourselves because it might upset people.”

Focusing on the little joys

“My Instagram account is one facet of my life – the others are just for my loved ones. I share my home, my children, my reno projects. Does that mean everything is always picture-perfect, that I never have messy nights out with my friends? That my kids don’t wake up in the middle of the night? No!”

“But that’s not something I choose to share. I see my account as a place to store memories.”

“One of my main personality traits is always looking for the positive side of things. If my partner comes home in a bad mood, I ask him to share a win with me. That’s my mantra. It can be as simple as getting everything you ordered at the drive-thru – I want to hear about a win every day.”

“Publishing content online is a way for me to document those little moments of positivity. A sweet family moment, the light shining into my office.” 

To Emilie, posting beige things, wooden toys, and Pinterest decor to her heart’s content means staying true to her nature. Positive, simple, and self-accepting.

She has mastered the art of celebrating life’s simple joys and cultivating everyday beauty. Whether you find happiness in a painting with more colours than the human eye can perceive or a pumpkin spice candle – it’s yours to enjoy!

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