The circular economy: definition and impact

Is “circular economy” just a term that makes product packaging sound fancier, or a principle that’s worth putting into practice? This article will explain it all.

What is the circular economy?

The circular economy is an economic model that aims to minimize waste and enable us to reuse, repair, regenerate, and recycle existing resources. This creates a closed loop where products and materials are constantly being recirculated.

In short: the circular economy, by definition, is a way to avoid extracting and consuming new resources.

Because reduced consumption and sustainable production aren’t enough. In a circular economy, the waste we inevitably create can be repurposed. Even the most environmentally conscious companies aren’t immune to waste.

More and more organizations are making the conscious choice to participate in the circular economy in Quebec. For example, we’re seeing initiatives to recycle food waste from grocery stores and processing plants. It can be used to create pet food, yeast for beer, and lots of other secondary products!

For a number of years, Eska has been participating too. Using recycled plastic for our bottles has allowed us to enter into a true circular economy. Since we made the decision to exclusively use recycled plastic in our bottles that’s also 100% recyclable, we aren’t putting any new plastic into circulation.
Many other beverage companies have set a goal to increase the quantity of recycled plastic (rPET) in their bottles by 2023 and 2050, aiming to reach 50% or 100% recycled materials. That’s great news, because currently, just 800,000 of the 4.5 million tons of PET produced in Canada every year are recycled.

How can consumers participate in the circular economy?

There are many ways for individual consumers to join the circular economy. The most obvious one is recycling! Whether you’re at home, on the road, or out shopping, make sure to properly sort your trash. Hey, why not even pick up the occasional plastic bottle on the street and toss it in the blue bin. By recycling and composting whatever you can, you can give your waste a new lease on life.

When you throw recyclable materials or materials that can be repurposed in the trash, their lifecycle is officially over, so consumers play an essential role!

Aside from that, you can learn more about the businesses you buy from. What are they doing to protect the environment? Dig deeper than the information provided on a product label. What percentage of their bottles is recyclable? Where do they source their materials from? Are they transparent about their practices? These are all questions that will help you make more informed choices. 

Working towards a sustainable future

By reusing 100% recycled plastic in our bottles, we’re breathing new life into old resources, and we need your help to achieve our mission. Each bottle you recycle, whether it’s Eska or another brand, contributes to the circular economy that protects our precious planet. The more we recycle together, the greater our collective impact will be.

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