Welcome to Eska’s (Re)cycle of lifeTM

Follow your true natureTM
Follow your true natureTM

We, Eska,

Pledge to protect canadian land by making all our bottles from 100% recycled plastic. And 100% recyclable.

The more we all make recycling a reflex the bigger impact we all make.

Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. Repeat.

Every single Eska bottle is made with high-quality 100% recycled, 100% recyclable plastic (rpet) and is food-grade making all our bottles clean, safe, and completely sustainable.

We’ve long-been committed to bringing you natural Canadian spring water in an eco-responsible way. And we’ve eliminated the need to ever manufacture new plastic again.

We pledge to reuse the plastic that’s already here and keep plastic waste and plastic bottles out of our landfills. And to do everything we can to turn plastic into a renewable, reusable resource.

And you can help. The more plastic bottles we all recycle, the bigger impact we can all make. So recycle all your plastic bottles and every plastic bottle you see. Make it a reflex.

We source all our recycled plastic from Quebec’s blue bins, so if you recycle it, we can reuse it. Your bottles, your neighbour’s bottles, bottles in the street, Eska or not. The more plastic you toss in the bins, the more we can all protect the planet.

And Eska is proud to partner with a local Quebec recycled plastic processor helping to keep the recycle of life contained, circular, with as small of a footprint as possible.

Make recycling a reflex and join our mission to make new virgin plastic a thing of the past.