Water Smarts: How To Best Use Your Bottled Water

The PET plastic used to make small water bottles (2 litres and below) is designed for one-time use. For sanitary reasons they shouldn’t be refilled or reused.

Keep in mind that plastic is a permeable substance, which oxygen, bacteria, etc., can pass through from the air. The thinner the plastic, the less of a barrier it creates. In fact, storing bottled water in a garage or out in the hot sun can affect the taste.

Health Canada recommends refrigerating small bottles of water, once opened, and ideally when you first buy them. If you must store water for long periods of time, store in a cool dry location and always check best-before dates.

FACT: Bacteria can also grow inside an unopened bottle, if it’s been stored for a long time or in warm conditions.It’s always best to use up bottled water within a 2 year window.

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