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Injection Operator


Job duties

Under the supervision of the production supervisor, the injection operator performs all tasks related to the injection of plastic on the injection machines, in order to produce quality bottles on our automated production lines, in compliance with health and safety and quality regulations and various operational methods.


Our goal is to grow our team with people who contribute not only their exceptional talent, but their own personal nature as well. Curious, positive, motivated, adaptable, and as comfortable in nature as they are on the factory floor.

Requirements and working conditions


  • Starting and stopping the injection machines.
  • Place Gaylords in production order according to FIFO
  • Mould change, cleaning, lubrication, and maintenance
  • Quality control of preforms and caps at the beginning of production
  • Adjustment of parameters if there is nonconformity of the preforms or caps
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Keep the workplace clean and safe at all times
  • Fill out production reports and Gaylord sheets (depending on colour) diligently
  • Ensure that machines are running continuously so as not to cause unwanted downtime (do not run out of resin or colourant, check soft-drop, etc.)
  • Cleaning of Gaylords for preform production (Husky 1/2/3)
  • Record relevant information in the logbook for colleagues and supervisor
  • Inspect the 5S table (fill in if necessary)
  • All other related tasks


  • The candidate must meet the normal requirements of the position

In addition to competitive benefits (including a group insurance plan paid for entirely by us and a contribution-match group retirement savings plan) we offer a base salary ranging from $34.09 to $40.94 per hour, plus night premiums and an hourly overtime rate on Sundays.

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