Emy Lalune: when creativity and recycling make a perfect pair

With one million TikTok followers, plus 38,000 on YouTube and 33,000 on Instagram, it’s obvious that Emy Lalune is making a name for herself online. Her niche: creating, be it painting, games, or clothing modifications. During our Christmas Market at the Auberge Saint-Gabriel, this imaginative maker will craft Christmas tree ornaments using recycled Eska water bottles. Meet a recycling magician who can infuse any object with a second life.

From teaching to content creation

Nothing pointed to Emy Lalune becoming a social media star. In fact, she had put aside her artistic path in order to dedicate herself to teaching. With her bachelor’s degree in hand, however, she came to realize that maybe her path wasn’t in education. “Ever since I was young I’ve loved tinkering around, painting, drawing… I’m fascinated by sewing. When my studies and teaching became more important, I realized how much I missed those other things. I knew that I wanted to make a living by creating. I have many passions; it’s not yet clear what I want to do exactly, but I’m exploring the possibilities.” 

Her playground is her social media accounts, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, where she freely explores her creativity in several different directions at once.

Giving objects a second life: a creative gesture that’s good for the environment

Ever since she was a young girl, Emy has enjoyed transforming things, taking an object and making it more beautiful. “I keep absolutely everything, because I’m always thinking, ‘Ah, I could do something with this, or that…’ I’ve always got a million different ideas going on at the same time. Whether it’s sewing, painting, or drawing, I love working with my hands. That’s where everything comes from.”

While creativity is the motivation behind all she does, Emy rapidly became aware that her actions also had a positive environmental scope. Reusing, making something new out of something old, recycling materials… All of this contributes to limiting overconsumption and mass production. “My environmental awareness is still developing; I’m trying to do a little more each day. And, of course, I’m happy that what I love doing also promotes the environment and sustainable development!”

The Christmas decorations that she creates using recycled Eska bottles for the Auberge Saint-Gabriel Christmas Market are definitely part of this movement. A video on her YouTube channel demonstrates Emy’s creative process when she designs and makes them. What great inspiration for those who want to decorate their own trees in an eco-friendly way!

Pimp mon linge (“Pimp my clothes”): updating and upcycling old clothing

Even if the actress in Emy loves expressing herself on TikTok with her hilarious hit videos, it’s as an aspiring fashion designer that she won over many fans on YouTube. “Those were the two jobs I wanted to do when I was young! I was always into fashion. When I was little, I would draw several girls in a line, each one with a totally different fashion sense. I loved doing that! More so than street fashion, I was really interested in haute couture. I wanted to make the big dresses.” 

Emy the YouTuber started growing her audience when she launched her series Pimp mon linge, where she takes a guest’s article of clothing and updates it. “There was a lot of enthusiasm. I saw that people really liked it. I think people like seeing the before/after, and they get inspired. I get tons of messages from followers who send me photos of their own clothing creations.” Out of everything she’s done so far, this series is the one she’s the most proud of. “I try to create clothes that will make the people who wear them happy, and I have to stick to what their tastes are if I want to be successful. It’s a challenge, but so far they’ve all liked what I’ve done. I’m really proud of that!”

A community that inspires authenticity

When you’re at the head of an important online community, you have the power to send a strong message. “Recently, I’ve been wondering what it is that I want to create with my social media accounts. Most of all, I want to inspire people to be themselves. Each person has their own value and talents, and you have to listen to that little voice inside,” says the influencer, even though she’s uncomfortable using this term to describe herself. “You have to try things to figure out what your passions are. I encourage people to go outside, to smile at life, to experience new things. And I try my best to do the same thing. That’s the message I want to send.”

The Eska Christmas pop quiz

Do you drink a lot of water?

Yes! I drink about 10 glasses of water a day.

How do you like your water?

Cold and still.

Who would you like to share a mocktail with?

I’m not much of a groupie in real life, so honestly, with my friends! I prefer spending time with people I love, who love me, and with whom I know I’ll have a good time.

What do you like about Christmas?

The holiday family spirit. I’m not really into gifts. What matters to me is good food and good company. 

Your worst Christmas earworm?

The song that gets stuck in my head is Jingle Bell Rock.

Your favourite Christmas movie?

The Santa Clause. I watched it so many times when I was younger.

A smell that puts you in the holiday spirit?

Tourtière! Even if I’ve been vegan for three years, it’s still an essential part of the season for me. It’s a smell that I associate with Christmas. 

What companies are you excited to see at the Eska Christmas Market?

There are a lot of awesome companies I like who will be there, such as Girl Crush and Pop underwear, but there are also many I don’t know yet, and I’m excited to learn more about them! 

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