5 must-visit springtime spots in Quebec

Does nature fill you with a sense of wonder? Are you ready to get moving as soon as the mercury starts to rise? If so, you’re among friends. We’ve put together a list of dream destinations around Quebec to recharge your batteries surrounded by nature. Come along with us!

Discover the Canyon Sainte-Anne

Where: Saint-Joachim-de-Montmorency, 35 minutes outside Old Quebec

When: As of May 11

Website: https://canyonsa.qc.ca/

If you’re up for a complete change of scenery, Canyon Sainte-Anne is the place to be. Picture this – a canyon that’s more than a billion years old, carved into a rock face by a 74-meter waterfall (that’s even taller than Niagara!).

Rushing with runoff from melting ice, the falls are at their peak during spring. Let the power of its cascading waters take your breath away – as viewed from one of the canyon’s three suspension bridges, or from a bird’s-eye view at 50km/h on the park’s signature ride. It’s a family-friendly, wheelchair-accessible activity the whole family can enjoy.

Visit an orchard in full bloom

Where: Various regions across Quebec

When: Mid-May

Visiting an orchard in the fall is a classic activity. But have you tried it in the springtime? Lots of orchards open their doors for people to enjoy an incredible picnic experience surrounded by flowering apple trees (pack a bottle of sparkling water in your picnic basket to add even more sparkle to your day). Check out orchards in your area – they usually share dates for flowering season visits towards the end of April. It only lasts for a few short days, but it’s totally worth the trip!

Explore the flora and fauna at Bic

Where: Parc national du Bic, Rimouski

When: End of April to end of May

Website: Parc national du Bic

This little slice of paradise is the perfect spot to get lost in the river’s splendor and enjoy nature. It’s a peaceful place that’s teeming with life. Seals, migratory birds, and other small creatures populate the coastline, and spring is when birds of prey come home to roost. You won’t want to miss it!

Learn how to pick edible plants

Where: Across Quebec

When: April to June

Did you know that our forests are brimming with delicious wild plants? You just need to learn how to identify and cook with them. Explore nature at a laid-back pace while keeping an eye out for mushrooms, fiddleheads, asparagus, and other springtime plants. To start off on the right foot, go for a guided outing, like the ones offered by Un goût de forêt.

Plan a 2-wheeled escape

Where: Across Quebec

When: Anytime

Website: La Route verte

The first few bike rides of the season always feel extra special! What better way to enjoy the springtime buzz than dusting off your bicycle and racking up a few miles? Plan your next outing using the La route verte website, where you’ll find tons of pre-planned routes.

No need to travel far and wide for springtime bliss

While switching up your surroundings is great motivation to take a break and enjoy the moment, you can also create these moments at home. Get outside, explore your backyard, take a walk through the alleyways, or rediscover your favourite park. There’s natural beauty to enjoy wherever you are – all you need to do is open your senses.

And most importantly, don’t forget your bottle of water. 😉

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