5 unusual sports to try out this summer in Quebec

Need creative ideas to get moving this summer? The possibilities are endless! We’re diving into 5 sports that are getting more and more popular in Quebec, so you can blow off some steam while having a great time.


This racket-based game combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It uses a court that’s similar to badminton, a perforated plastic ball, and paddles that are similar to ping-pong. The official rules of this family-friendly game are easy to learn, and many municipalities now have outdoor pickleball courts. Get your rackets ready!

Inflatable water parks

These giant obstacle courses are particularly popular in the summertime, and a ton of fun for kids and adults alike. It’s a super refreshing way to stay active! You’ll walk away from this activity feeling ready for a nice long nap…and, for most people, totally humbled as well. Put your agility to the test with these obstacle courses that can be found across Quebec, including at Oka beach!


This new take on volleyball is played between four walls on a squash court. Wallyball is still under the radar in Quebec, but you can find it at certain squash clubs. Teams competing in a game of wallyball can strategically use walls to bounce the ball in different directions. It’s a fast-paced game that requires quick reflexes and adds a fun dose of unpredictability to traditional volleyball. It’s a perfect substitute for beach volleyball on a rainy day.

Underwater hockey

Here’s a super creative way to play Canada’s favourite sport in the summertime! Either in your own pool or as part of a league, underwater hockey is a serious endurance workout. Players wear a diving mask, snorkels, and fins. Using short sticks, they need to push a puck to the bottom of the pool to score a goal. There are even competitions across Canada!


Perfect for the beach, camping, or your next picnic, spikeball requires very little equipment, can be played pretty much anywhere, and will absolutely fire up your competitive side. All you need is a circular net and a spikeball (it’s very easy to find a kit online). Standing around the net, players must slap the ball down onto the net to make it bounce back up. Your team earns a point when the other team drops the ball. You can find the rules here.

No matter what sport you choose to play, the most important thing is to get moving and stay hydrated! Check out our article on hydration and outdoor sports for a few key tips.

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Article by Marc-Antoine

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