Is sparkling water good for your health?

6 frequently asked questions

Everyone knows that hydration is essential to good health. While the virtues of still water are well known, where does sparkling water stand? Is it as good for your health, or is it hiding something? Are all sparkling waters the same? We’ll take a closer look at these questions and help you make informed decisions about your daily drinking habits.

1. Does sparkling water keep you as well hydrated as still water?

Absolutely. At Eska, we add only a touch of carbon dioxide to our sparkling water at the time of bottling. It retains its purity and refreshing taste.

2. Does carbonated water affect tooth enamel?

You may have already heard that sparkling beverages contribute to the early erosion of tooth enamel. But what’s really going on? Should we put all drinks in the same category? Not necessarily. 

This belief comes from the fact that the gasification process creates carbonic acid, which makes carbonated water slightly more acidic than still water. Higher acidity can contribute to tooth erosion. However, there is no proof that this is the case with sparkling water. Research has shown that carbonated water has 100 times less impact on tooth enamel than sugary drinks, and only slightly more impact than still water. So your teeth have nothing to fear from a glass of sparkling water.

3. Does sparkling water have an impact on bone density?

Another myth claims that sparkling water can cause a loss of calcium in bones. The Framingham study, carried out in 2006, concluded that while consuming cola-based soft drinks is associated with weak bone density in women, the same conclusion doesn’t apply to other sparkling beverages. To explain this phenomenon, the authors hypothesized that the caffeine and phosphoric acid in cola drinks were the cause, but these elements are not found in carbonated water. There’s no risk, then, in enjoying a glass of sugar-free natural sparkling water.

4. Does sparkling water affect digestion?

Even if it’s not recommended for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, it is, however, recommended for other digestive problems. In a blind study patients suffering from frequent constipation or dyspepsia were separated into two groups, one drinking carbonated water for 15 days and the other, still water. At the conclusion of this clinical trial, the sparkling water group saw its condition improve significantly, while no change was observed in the group drinking only still water. 

5. Sparkling spring water VS sparkling mineral water: do they taste the same?

Before carbonation both spring water and mineral water come from underground water sources. There are several differences between them, most notably mineral water, as its name indicates, has a higher mineral content—with calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Spring water also contains minerals, but in lesser amounts. Mineral salts affect the taste of carbonated spring water. So it’s not true that all carbonated waters taste the same. Natural and with only a trace of minerals, Eska has an excellent taste. 

6. Does sparkling water contain a lot of salt?

Some companies add sodium bicarbonate to their water to make it bubbly, which increases the amount of sodium in the water. If you need to limit your salt intake, you should check your bottled water labels. Low in sodium, Eska natural spring water is an essential addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Pure and natural, Eska sparkling water is a perfect way to stay hydrated and happy.

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