At the beach, on a hike, or after working out, mocktails are always perfect on the go

On a hot sunny day, what’s more satisfying than a refreshing drink? Around the pool, at the beach, after working out, or with friends at the cottage, every reason’s a good reason to quench your thirst in style. For a healthy drink that can be enjoyed anytime, nothing beats a refreshing mocktail with a taste of summer. Ready for a toast?

After a workout, reward yourself with a sparkling mocktail

Are you ready to hit the road for a family bike ride? While it’s important to stay hydrated during physical activity, it’s also important to replace lost fluids after the fact. Try making a refreshing treat for when you get home: mix up your favourite mocktail recipe and keep it in the fridge until you get back. After a long day outdoors, the only thing left to do is pour your mocktail over ice and enjoy. The whole family will love it.

At the beach, an alcohol-free cocktail and the sound of the waves

When the heat is unbearable and you can’t stand the humidity any longer, it’s time to hit the beach. To go with the umbrella, bathing suits, and sunscreen, why not bring a mocktail made with Eska sparkling water in an insulated beverage container that will keep it cold for hours? Whether you prefer it sour, sweet, or acidic there’s a mocktail recipe for every taste. Enjoy one with your feet in the sand, without any of the negative effects that come with drinking alcohol under a blazing sun.

On a hike, celebrate making it to the top with a mocktail

You’ve got your shoes and comfy clothes on: it’s time to meet your friends at the foot of the mountain. Today’s program: reach the summit. In your backpack is a reusable container with your lunch, a big bottle of water, and a smaller canteen with a little something special to be enjoyed once the climb is over. As the breathtaking landscape opens up before your eyes, take the time to enjoy your lunch with a fresh, fruit-filled mocktail. You’ll get the energy you need for the descent while celebrating nature at its purest.

And if you find an empty bottle on the path left by other hikers, you can deposit it in the first blue bin you come across. Every bottle that gets recycled is one we can reuse for our exceptionally pure water.

This summer, don’t wait for a special occasion to treat yourself. Every reason is a good reason when it comes to the freshness of our delicious and healthy mocktails. While camping, at a BBQ, or when sitting around the pool, our mocktails are perfect for sipping alone or with friends. Sports fans, sunbathers and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the excitement of summer and stay hydrated in style. 

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