How to enjoy your sparkling water?

Calorie-free, plain or flavoured: the many faces of sparkling water

To stay hydrated while enjoying life to its fullest, nothing beats Eska sparkling water. Calorie-free, plain or flavoured, our water is perfect for any occasion and is the perfect alternative to still water. Here’s how to enjoy it as often as you want. Ready for some bubbles? 

How to add flavour to your sparkling water 

Even if we love it simply poured over ice, our carbonated water can be enjoyed many different ways. Here are several great ways to flavour your sparkling water that will fit any mood. 

Bubbles + fruit: the classic way

Lemon slices, lime juice, orange segments, or strawberry slices: adding your favourite or seasonal fruits to a glass remains an essential classic recipe. To change things up, try a touch of garden goodness. Add several slices of cucumber to your glass with basil leaves, then add Eska sparkling water. Perfect for a hot summer day. 

Flower petals for a floral hint

They smell so good, imagine the taste. For a hint of rose or violet in your sparkling water, add several petals to your bottle and let them infuse according to your desired strength. Several drops of rose water or orange blossom can also add a subtle hint of flavour.

Flavoured ice cubes: a hint of gourmet colour

Add a subtle touch of flavour and colour to your sparkling water with flavoured ice cubes. Begin by freezing red (strawberries, raspberries), blue (blackberries, blueberries), or yellow (mango, pineapple) fruit with water in ice cube trays. You can also get creative by combining herbs and spices, such as strawberry-basil, mango-ginger, or raspberry-mint.

As a mocktail: simple and chic

To celebrate without a headache, enjoy one of our non-alcoholic cocktails. The perfect addition to an evening with friends, a cocktail hour, or even a workout session, mocktails will quench your thirst. They’re delicious in any season. 

Maximize the bubbles in your carbonated water

Does your sparkling water lose its carbonation too quickly? Here are several tips to keep those bubbles lasting as long as possible.

  • Use a high and narrow glass… like a champagne glass! That’s why champagne is traditionally served in this kind of glass. Its form helps keep the bubbles going for longer. In a more open wine glass, the surface of the water is in contact with more oxygen. Consequence: carbon dioxide is released in greater quantities, making for fewer bubbles.
  • Do not shake your bottle of water because this will cause the CO2 to evaporate more quickly when opened.
  • Drink your water within 24 hours of opening. Store your water with the cap tightly screwed on, upside down in your refrigerator. 

Sparkling water VS. sugary drinks: no contest

You’ve probably already heard the rumour that carbonated water can cause weight gain. Good news: the opposite is true. Sparkling water is an ally in the battle to lose weight. Drinking water is an excellent way to control hunger because the body doesn’t always distinguish between hunger and thirst. According to certain studies, sparkling water may prolong the feeling of fullness after a meal. It’s also a perfect way to replace certain sugary drinks, as shown in the table below.

Comparison table for a 355 ml bottle:

Eska natural spring water00
Eska sparkling water00
Tonic water12131.4 g
Cola (Coca-Cola)14039 g
Orange juice (Tropicana)156.238.3 g

Addicted to soft drinks and fruit juices? Eska sparkling water can help you reduce your sugar intake and keep you hydrated, without giving up the pleasure of a refreshing drink. 

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